41. Throat Hit

Musical Score: Eurythmics, Wrap It Up Valentine is able to complete a brief trance before Inglorion shows up for the last time. He leads them past a series of guard posts to a narrow tunnel that slants towards the surface. “If you follow this corridor for a quarter mile, you’ll reach the egress point. Don’t […]

40. Charon Pallas Proioxis

Musical Score: Download, The Eyes of Stanley Pain Valentine is sworn to Lolth, and the ceremony is truly strange. The priestess administers a strong drug beforehand, so Valentine remains uncertain about what actually happened, and what was a hallucination. He remembers being covered in spiders, but surely that didn’t happen. He knows that a beholder […]

39. It Solves the Problem

Musical Score: Sugar, JC Auto There’s no way to mark time in their cell. It seems like it’s been more than 12 hours but less than 24 when Inglorion returns. He brings a candle, which he lights as he enters. He locks the door behind him. He introduces himself to Valykria. “Lady Amakir, I’m Inglorion, […]

38. How to Keep the Game Going

Musical Score, Eurythmics, Regrets There’s a sudden ruckus. Four Drow guards enter, and in a swift, businesslike fashion, they cut the bonds holding Valykria and Valentine together and hogtie them both to poles. They hoist Valentine and take him away, leaving Valykria bound and alone in the cell. He’s carried rapidly down a series of […]

36. Θ {target} {action} Θ

Musical Score: Black Rain, Data River Sleet begins to fall as they approach Hill #81 two days later, and the storm brings dusk early. Their hands are cramped and frozen in their gloves, and they can see their horses’ breath as they pick their way over a trackless jumble of bare limestone and thorny brush. […]

26. Welcome to the Company of Fugitives

Musical Score: Valentine’s theme song, DJ Shadow, Nobody Speak Valentine’s mood is mild, tranquil by the time he reaches the Ceralac townhouse. A good thing, too. When Valentine enters, he hears Penelope wailing — wailing — and Xardic shouting. Footmen and maidservants are flitting up and down the stairs with basins of water and smelling […]

23. A Sense of Imminent Loss

Musical Score: Adam Ant, Ants Invasion, live in 2010 In the wake of the battle for Liamelia, Valentine feels that he is slipping away, releasing his hold on the city and its people, the family he thought he’d found. His grief finds some solace when he memorializes his 10 kills with another tattoo, but the […]

19. Flashing Eyes

Musical Score: The Boomtown Rats, Fall Down Ariadne is buried immediately, due to the fear of poison. At first, Valentine can’t grasp that she’s dead. At her funeral, he keeps thinking of little things he wants to tell her when he sees her again. Long before he declared himself, asked her to be his wife, […]

9. Streams of Cool Air

Musical Score: The Crystal Method, Dosimeter That afternoon the magistrate confirms that there’s a network of tunnels, some natural, some man-made. They were created during a gray elf civil war, and expanded by the smuggling trade 100 years ago, when tariffs were high. Armory records show that the farmhouse connects to the tunnels through a […]