54. Honor and Responsibility

Musical Score: Beastie Boys, Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix) Sieia told Valentine to meet with Marcus, and now it seems like it must be too late. He doesn’t need to seek approval for anything. The whole thing is bound to be awkward. And yet, when Marcus returns to Liamelia, he sends Valentine a note indicating […]

31. Aramil Augustus Is Banished

Musical Score, Johnny Cash, Rusty Cage The ceremony of banishment is simple, and quickly done. Marcus, in his role as head of the Shelawn family, leads Aramil to a guard house attached to the city gate. The magistrate is waiting there in full robes and wig, along with Xardic, and seven ancient elves — the […]

24. Xialo

Musical Score: Adam and the Ants, Nine Plan Failed In his rootless frustration and boredom, Valentine turns back to the archives. Perhaps if he knew more history and read more fluently, he could understand these people better. Except for a very small rare books room, the stacks of the Liamelia archive are open. Once Albertus […]