56. Valentine Comes Home

Musical Score: Iron and Wine, Such Great Heights Today is November 1, All Souls Day. It’s been just over a year since Valentine emerged from the Underdark with a couple of rapiers, a brace of throwing daggers, a hand crossbow and ammunition, and clothing of Drow manufacture. A year ago this week, he was wandering […]

32. The Road to Amakir

Musical Score, Paul Simon, Graceland The sun does rise, as expected. Valentine wakes up just before dawn to a sense of quiet, animal satisfaction. The ground is unpleasantly hard and imperfectly cleared; it’s cold and a stiff breeze has kicked up; he’s in dire need of coffee. Nonetheless, his mind is still and clear. The […]

31. Aramil Augustus Is Banished

Musical Score, Johnny Cash, Rusty Cage The ceremony of banishment is simple, and quickly done. Marcus, in his role as head of the Shelawn family, leads Aramil to a guard house attached to the city gate. The magistrate is waiting there in full robes and wig, along with Xardic, and seven ancient elves — the […]

30. One Thousand Sunsets

Musical Score, Everclear, Santa Monica After a few weeks of negotiation and wrangling, Aramil signs a plea agreement that will result in his being banished. By the time it happens, he’s accepted that it’s his only choice, short of imprisonment or hanging. Though the charges are dire, to Valentine the terms of banishment seem lenient. […]