47. Eralon Amakir, Esq. Gets a Beating

Musical Score: Die Antwoord, DJ Hi-Tek Rulez Valentine continues to drive their marriage plans forward. His thwarted desire finds expression in absolute, swift conformance to what he believes to be Valykria’s wishes. He tells himself again and again that he placed Valykria in danger by taking to the Underdark and compromised her by traveling alone […]

46. The Weight of the Past

Musical Score: David Bowie, Breaking Glass When he gets back to the townhouse, he finds Valykria alone in Sieia’s sitting room, as he hoped he would. She’s holding a novel in one hand, and staring into the fire. She looks a bit tired and sad. When she sees him, he face brightens. “Valentine! Where were […]

45. This Lesson Is Free

Musical Score: David Bowie, The Width of a Circle A gypsy child walks up to Valentine on the street, tugs on his sleeve. “Sir, a word with you.” “What, child?” “Listen carefully.” He bends down, fixes his gaze on her face. “This evening you will travel one mile down the highway. Secure your mount in […]

44. Desire

Musical Score: Husker Du, No Reservations Valentine’s desire for Valykria has an entirely different feel from his love for Ariadne. It may be as simple as the difference between consummated and unconsummated passion. Because he knew that Ariadne loved him and was his, Valentine felt satisfied, calm and happy with her. Being young and male, […]

43. There Can Be No Real Objection

Musical Score: Spin Doctors, Two Princes They arrive late on the third night of travel. Cantering through the city gates, Valentine feels as if a holiday is coming to an end. He’s starting to realize that they gray will regard his actions very seriously. He’ll have to account publicly for decisions that seemed personal and […]

41. Throat Hit

Musical Score: Eurythmics, Wrap It Up Valentine is able to complete a brief trance before Inglorion shows up for the last time. He leads them past a series of guard posts to a narrow tunnel that slants towards the surface. “If you follow this corridor for a quarter mile, you’ll reach the egress point. Don’t […]

40. Charon Pallas Proioxis

Musical Score: Download, The Eyes of Stanley Pain Valentine is sworn to Lolth, and the ceremony is truly strange. The priestess administers a strong drug beforehand, so Valentine remains uncertain about what actually happened, and what was a hallucination. He remembers being covered in spiders, but surely that didn’t happen. He knows that a beholder […]

39. It Solves the Problem

Musical Score: Sugar, JC Auto There’s no way to mark time in their cell. It seems like it’s been more than 12 hours but less than 24 when Inglorion returns. He brings a candle, which he lights as he enters. He locks the door behind him. He introduces himself to Valykria. “Lady Amakir, I’m Inglorion, […]

38. How to Keep the Game Going

Musical Score, Eurythmics, Regrets There’s a sudden ruckus. Four Drow guards enter, and in a swift, businesslike fashion, they cut the bonds holding Valykria and Valentine together and hogtie them both to poles. They hoist Valentine and take him away, leaving Valykria bound and alone in the cell. He’s carried rapidly down a series of […]